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blossom DUH

Akumu! Powerpunk Girls Z! (AU Fanfic)

Posted by consanguinty on 2009.01.28 at 16:41
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Story 1: The Birth of Powerpunk Girls Z!

A meteor is shot out of the sky with a beam of Chemical Z, causing three teenage girls to become powerful monsters. Deadly Berserk, Dissonant Brat, and Destructive Brute. They are Powerpunk Girls Z. This is the beginning of their story, their first adventure. Three girls, their darkness unleashed, on a journey to destroy the world.

Episode 1: The Black Lights Fall!

Episode 2: Savior of Justice! Jomo Momo!

Episode 3: God Save Berserk!

Episode 4: Berserk Meets the Devil!

Episode 5: Anarchy Descends! The Hyperion!

Episode 6: The Black Light Shines Down!

Posted by miky_nessie on 2008.07.21 at 00:23
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OMG It's my firts post here! >_< Well, I made some PPGZ icons, enjoy it :3

Total icons: 25
- Pump it Up [02]
- Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z! [07]
- One Piece [15]


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Ruffles says hello!

Random silliness, to break the quiet.

Posted by kamino_neko on 2007.04.22 at 05:30

Just a very short, silly fic I did last week, after watching episode 41. I got to thinking about the aftermath of the episode, and...this was the result.

Minor spoilers and major silliness ahoy!Collapse )

karl&amp;creativity... (( UW ))
Posted by invader_bs on 2007.04.01 at 13:07
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I come forth with 18 PPGZ icons~~! Part of my icon dumpage yesterday. xD *cough* Hope you enjoy~! :D

demishitaa! powerpuff girls z (43 - 59)
--x06; bubbles / miyako
--x02; buttercup / kaoru
--x02; princess / himeko
--x04; mojo jojo
--x02; other villains
--x01; blossom / momoko
--x01; group


xposted over at chem_z_fanworks and [info]powerpuffgirlsz .

Chibi Hikago

PPGZ Magnets

Posted by bunnychan on 2007.03.29 at 15:46
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I made a set of "PPGZ" magnets to sale at Animazement and Anime Mid-Atlantic and thought you guys might be interested in seeing them (I rather like them myself)

View Images HereCollapse )

And as a shameless plug offer, these magnets are for sale (comment if interested, duplicates are $10)

cross-posted at powerpuffgirlsz

First Post?

Posted by solar_equinox on 2007.03.28 at 23:33
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I think this is the first post... sure looks like it. Heh heh, I feel awkward!

Anyway, I come with a picture I've drawn of Miyako... along with the lineart. I hope you enjoy~!